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writing online serviceHello everyone, my name is Wang Ju Teson and I’m a third year student of the university of Utah. From the first course I always felt myself not very secured and strong enough to write a good essay outline, as my language skills and time do not let me do my best, however I never giving up and I started to surf internet hard to get good marks for all my projects and coursework. I studied all the nights during my first half year, I tried to pass all the tails and finally I found some extremely good solution how to write my essay online.

I’ve been on the youtube and watched tons of video clips to sort out what fits me the best, I visited Facebook and checked all the groups providing all sorts of services to write papers and universities works, but wasn’t confident in the level of the work they provide, so I was keep moving and unfortunately the time for my college admission write essay is moving too, so I decided to work fast and serious. I started looking who can write all my works for me, and occasionally found thousands of offers. All of them were on the paid base, but I was ready to pay whatever they want to, to get a good grade and pass the university I dreamed all my life.


So I started to sort slowly every site and every offer in the top of google by my search requests. First results I got were the most expensive ones and it’s obvious as they have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get these positions, as it known it doesn’t get for free. There are plenty of companies who earn the money they way promoting such sources, and in some cases such sources do not provide high quality essays and certainly you don’t buy essays online cheap on that web site. So I kept looking for the sites, which are on the lower position and could get those positions organically by my side of looking. By the way, did you know that some essays services do not hire high-qualified specialist and instead of it ordering works from writers from India or China, which working hour is much more less than in United States of America or Europe Union.

So to determine who is going to write your essay or paper, if there will be a chance – try to speak with the writer through the phone or Skype, to be sure that this is English-speaking person and not a one-to-other language translator. However is there is no chance to find it out you always can type in the google their website and add up +review. If there will be nothing about or half of the negative reviews it would be better to spend some more time to find another one best essay writing website, luckily there are plenty of them.

essay writingBut lets go back to the college. In the college by its self you can find a place where you can get help from a tutor or a service to check and rephrase your coursework and paper. In my university it’s based in the library building where are a lot of students every day and sometime you need to wait in queue hours to get what you need, but it’s definitely deserve it. In other institutions college paper writing service can be available online only and could not be for free, as its known nothing in this world is for free. So some colleges and universities charge a good money for the work they do, and checking your work may be same expensive as writing it by some online service and its need to be noticed too.

Obviously it depends on where are you studying and what exactly you are doing. How serious work is, how many pages it has and how many terminuses and details its need to be under checked and also how fast you need to pass this or another paper, as it was written above sometime it takes too much time to get your time for checking the essay you done. If you miss something in the list , such as time or opportunity to check your work in the college, or the skills to do your paper well, that means the only best option is to buy papers online for college.

One A4 paper may cost you from 7 to 40 dollars depends on the quality, material, topic and time. After long time of surfing and registering in 4 independent online essay online services I found that the only one is good for me – it is It’s not about the advertising and more about experience. I already ordered 4 courseworks with such topics as: Economic determinants of Health, Admission to Adult Primary Nurse Practitioner, Makeup through the ages and Issues in Sports Coaching. All these topics were for different modules and different period of time, from 4 to 15 pages for each and I paid approximately from 30 to 120$ for each. It’s a good price depends how much time do I need to spend in such topics by my own so I decided that better will work due that time and studying for another modules. Especially I was happy getting the good marks for it from B+ to A.

So now if I need someone to write my paper, I know the service that can do it for me.

college paper onlineAlso I want to tell you one more story from my first university’s course. When I faced math. It was horrible as I determine myself as humanitarian; it was extremely hard to pass every work the lecturer offered to us. I didn’t know much about Internet services and the library with proofreading service yet and thought that could find some of guys who can write it for me in the real life. The first offer was such horrible as the module. The custom written college papers could cost me around 500 bucks, actually there were not important how many pages it had, and how hard it was, but the price. So I decided to pass by my own.

I spent actually a month to pass the module. Everyday I studied hard from 3 to 4 hours, just because I couldn’t afford to buy this knowledge. I wouldn’t say that it was good period of time for me. Finally I passed it, but missed my girlfriend’s birthday and didn’t go to the tour with my friends. Do I need this math now? I don’t think. Do I need my girlfriend now? Sure!

I hope I gave you some help with writing a paper for college and based on my tips you could surf the google and internet by your own trying to find the best offer or follow me and my experience to get high qualified papers and essays. Or compare ordering from different sources.

Thank you for your patience.



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